Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Washington visit by despised Lebanese politician heightens tensions in strife-torn Lebanon

March 11, 2008 -- Geagea visits Washington as US Navy looms off Lebanese coast.
Washington visit by despised Lebanese politician heightens tensions in strife-torn Lebanon.

March 11, 2008 -- Geagea visits Washington as US Navy looms off Lebanese coast

As six US Navy ships, including the amphibious assault vessel USS Nassau, remain deployed off the Lebanese coast, controversial Lebanese right-wing politician and convicted war criminal, Phalangist terrorist Samir Geagea visited the White House and State Department as an official guest of the Bush administration.

Geagea is a noted Israeli agent provocateur in Lebanon. On July 30, 2006, WMR reported that "CIA and Mossad agents in Lebanon, working with forces loyal to CIA ally and convicted murderer Samir Geagea, were stirring up trouble among refugees streaming into northern Lebanon from the south of the country, devastated by Israeli forces."

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Geagea met with the top pro-Israeli officials in the Bush White House, including National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley; his deputy, Iran-contra felon Elliott Abrams; and Vice President Dick Cheney's National Security Assistant John Hannah. Hannah was investigated by the Justice Department for his role in outing CIA covert agent Valerie Plame Wilson. Geagea also met with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Geagea is highly unpopular with Lebanese who oppose the pro-Israeli Phalangists who are chiefly represented by Samir Geagea's left over Lebanese Forces, a minority proxy-militia for CIA.

WMR has learned of Bush administration plans to support another Israeli invasion of Lebanon designed to deliver a death blow to Hezbollah. The Geagea visit represents pre-planning for such a military operation that would be coordinated with Geegea's Lebanese Forces, and other militias of Jumblatt , Saad Hariri and Fatah militias, loyalists of Mahmoud Abbas...

American people, this crash of your currency and economy is pay back for the
Genocide that you have committed in Lebanon from 1958 to 06, and more is on
the way....again and forced SYRIA down the throats of Lebanese
much too long.... and now, it is the Pax Americana/Israeliana that you are
attempting to forge.....! Iraq 1981 onwards to 08, Palestine 1948 08, and more.... Are you Americans that blind to think that in
this day of Internet age when people can bypass the lies of your (Right
Wing) Media and get information from non-biased sources that you could
invade small defenseless countries and Terrorize and Kill its peoples at
will, and that there would be no punishment for such crimes against
humanity? Well the punishment is your economy going down the toilet while
the rest of the World economy does just fine as evident by Canadian,
European, etc. currencies having gained an INCREDIBLE 60% against your
pathetic US Dollar, which means economies of countries that did not KILL
Lebanese, Palestinians and Iraqi peoples..., that is Canadian, Europeans,
etc. are doing great while your economy is doing horribly....

You people are truly the most gutless and brain washed people that 1st would
allow your government to invade and slaughter a country 10,000 Miles away
from you, which had done nothing wrong to you, and even more disappointedly
55 years into this catastrophic and criminal action of your governments, you
still have not been able to reverse these criminal actions and hold
accountable those people who lead your country into this horrendous waste of
your money, your people and your reputation. You people deserve all the
misery that you are having, it is a small price for the misery that you have
brought upon the Lebanese, Iraqi and Palestinian nations..., which has
resulted in death of at least a Million innocent Iraqi people, tens of
thousands of Lebanese and Palestinians, and Terrorizing of these nations and
its peoples to an unimaginable degree. Just think last week alone US and Israeli
soldiers Killed, that is Killed as dead, at least 100 Iraqi civilians,
several hundred Palestinians.,... that is Women and children. Indeed you people
deserve all the (economic) misery that you are experiencing....