Thursday, March 20, 2008

Drivel and drabs commentary, identifying known exaggerations, fallacies....

Drivel and drabs commentary, identifying known exaggerations, fallacies
and complete fabrications of the stooge of MOSSAD, a creep by the
name of Robert FISK....

What shines through in many of the media posts, is the extent to which the
ambitious Lebanese factions - even the little insignificant ones of the
convicted war criminal samir Geagea's remnants of the LF - are eager for
foreign patrons to "help them reshape Lebanon." We are seeing some
well-rehearsed sales pitches here... courtesy of the CIA proxy-Militias hand
book... chapter and verse...!

Foreign patronage is a pervasive element of decades and decades of the same
Lebanon's political culture, and the deep corruption that it engenders is
Lebanon's worst plague. After all, every foreign backer comes with its own
set of interests and its own set of enemies..., and in order to "make the
sale" in such a competitive marketplace, a faction tends to align itself
with those interests and against those enemies. These diatribes are
valuable. It's always important to hear from different sides, and the
drivel and drabs commentaries, identifying known exaggerations, fallacies and
complete fabrications of the stooge, MOSSAD agent, a creep by the name of
Robert FISK, helps to balance the salesmanship...

The problems of Lebanon though, seem far more serious. There must be some
cohesion within the nation to support a democracy. Consider the point
Jefferson made when writing to Lafayette:

"A full measure of liberty is not now perhaps to be expected by your
nation," Jefferson wrote, about the democracy movement within France, "nor
am I confident they are prepared to preserve it. More than a generation will
be requisite, under the administration of reasonable laws favoring the
progress of knowledge in the general mass of the people, and their
habituation to an independent security of person and property, before they
will be capable of estimating the value of freedom, and the necessity of a
sacred adherence to the principles on which it rests for preservation."

"Instead of that liberty which takes root and growth in the progress of
reason, if recovered by mere force or accident, it becomes, with an
unprepared people, a tyranny still, of the many convicted criminals, the
few, or the one...."

Revolution and self rule had been stirring in the minds and hearts of
Colonists for a century before 1776. It wasn't a brief liberation or a
sudden heroic revelation... the people had to accept first, then the
society, then the revolution could happen... Of the People, For the People
and By the People (as it were).

The 14th/03/05 normal ordinary people, did an awesome job of throwing off the
yoke of Syria... but they have yet to succeed in placing the metaphoric
reins to that yoke squarely in the hands of each citizen. Only when citizens
realize their own responsibility can they cast out external influence and
begin to govern themselves. Gifts of democracy didn't work in France, isn't
working in Iraq... and Lebanon I think, will be struggling to determine its
future course. If its people decide on democracy, then they may have a
chance at decent government. If they decide to wait for help, or expect it
to be done for them (as most of the 14 Hmars seem to) then I think that they
will continue to falter indefinitely.....


The NEW improved Alliance of Evil KILLERS of the 14 Hmars.

Collective intelligence has existed for at least as long as humans have.
Tribes of hunter-gatherers, nations, and modern corporations all act
collectively with varying degrees of intelligence. But this ancient
phenomenon is now occurring in dramatically new forms.... in as much
as the killers try to re-write history in their favor so blatantly, in an
attempt to re-use the same tools of their murderous past anew.
Fortunately, most Lebanese have made a point to remember well and
pass on to the new generations..., the terrible misdeeds, crimes and
murders of the real killers, Jumblatt, Geagea, Amine Gemayel, and
his buddy Johnny Abdo.... and you don't have to look beyond this
country's frontiers to understand why ghosts may very soon climb
out of the mass graves of the Shouf mountains, and of the North
Lebanon mountains.... to shed some light on the mass murderers
of today and yesterday, Walid Jumblatt, who's list of assassinations,
"which includes an elected President of Lebanon..." is much too long
to detail in this forum...., Samir Geagea, Amine Gemayel, and his
buddy Johnny Abdo.. , the stooges of the New Evil Alliance of
CIA/MOSSAD and Rove's White House's Murder Inc. !
"I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one:
'O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it."
American extra-judicial assassinations....

With tears in their eyes and flowers in their hands people paid tribute to their national hero. Sad at the loss, which can not be compensated yet pride was all over their faces,sacrificed their son of the soil. His was a death for a noble cause of dying for one's own country. Such men are not born everyday, they belong to the rare class of humanity, who are an example in themselves, and they are the ones who set precedents. And they themselves are unprecedented.