Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Neo-Nazis in Synagogues

Neo-Nazis in Synagogues....Moses was a drug addict and imagined it all, according to Israeli researcher. Which means there is no religious basis for the State of Israel, now or ever....

Seldom have I felt as sick as I do today, seldom as frustrated and
seldom as grief-stricken.

Why would Jews (okay, let us not get entangled in the semantic
differentiations between “ALL” Jews and “SOME” Jews) allow the language
of Nazis in their holiest of places?

Human memories are so convenient and short!

All-too recently, people in Europe were condemning Jews and Judaism;
Jews are not humans, Jews and Judaism will destroy the world they would
say; Judaism and Jews are evil and must be eradicated, just like TB
Bacillii, said Der Fuhrer.

Events followed events, language against Jews became tougher and tougher
until language itself was just not enough; a “Final solution” had to be
found for the scourge of Jews amongst us.

Destroyed lives and businesses…
Concentration camps…
Extermination camps.

When added to the literally hundreds of years of persecutions,
expulsions and pogroms, this “Final Solution” had such a deforming
effect on the collective Jewish psyche that many Jews are to be found
looking for enemies even when there are none and then reacting to those
imaginary, existential threats with the vigor of facing a real
danger...with grievous results for the imagined “enemy”.

I understand all this, I understand why so many Jews must feel almost on
the verge of hysteria (fanned by so many self-promoting agents and
agencies), but I fail to understand WHY they must give in to such a
widespread hostility against Muslims that today. It seems as if so MANY
Jews are jockeying to step in the shoes of Herr Hitler and create Islam
and Muslims as the ones to persecute.

When will these persecutions cease? When Muslims are exterminated as
Jews were? Are over two MILLION Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan, not
enough? Must all of the so-called “Judeo-Christian” world also be
cleansed of Muslims before Jews start to feel comfortable or will other
countries be targeted next because Israel must also feel comfortable?
How many more Muslims must be sacrificed to make Jews feel safe enough
that they do not promote hate-Islam propaganda?

Muslims are accused of much violence as if mindless violence were a
Muslim monopoly. Muslims are also accused of having secret propaganda
leaflets against Jews in their Mosques; Hate, say our Judeo-Christian
brothers, is taught in 80% of all Mosques in America. Statements and
numbers generated from thin air, yet most effective because there is no
way of disproving such accusations.

I live in the Seattle area and I have had the privilege of attending
Friday prayers at at least twenty different Mosques in the area. I have
met with and spoken closely with uncountable Muslims in the area and we
have often discussed Israel, Palestine, human rights in America etc.,
but some things I have NEVER heard or experienced.

I have NEVER heard any Muslim say Jews must be destroyed. I have NEVER
heard any Muslim say Israel must be destroyed and Jews shoved into the
sea. I have NEVER heard any Muslim say Jews must be kicked out of the
US and Europe because they pose a deep threat. Never!

The great tragedy today is that so many Jewish organizations, groups and
even congregations are single-mindedly pursuing the persecution of
Muslims by actively and energetically helping to spread hate and fear of
Islam and Muslims...very successfully at that.

Compounding this tragedy is yet another tragedy in which other,
non-participating Jewish organizations, groups and congregations, remain
steadfastly silent as this hate and fear is spread out all over this
country. Almost as if they are afraid that by speaking out, they might
undermine the state of Israel and the existence of Jews.

Obsession, an extremely disingenuous but dangerous film; full of
fantasies and inaccuracies about Muslims, Islam and Arabs, was silence. 48-60 MILLION copies of Obsession were
distributed all over the silence.

Fitna was produced by Geert Wilders, full of fantasies and inaccuracies
about Islam and silence.

Hate groups like the Israeli Security Solutions International (SSI)
spread their venom under the guise of “security” from Florida, while
others like the Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) spread their hate and fear
of Islam even as they “train” law enforcement agencies in “tolerance” of silence

Now to the cause of my consternation and utter dismay.

Geert Wilders is in the US and among the places where he is lionized his
words are greeted with thunderous applause, is a Synagogue in Florida.
Geert Wilders is clearly seen and heard to say that Islam is not a
religion and should not be afforded protection; he says that Muslims
must be kicked out of Europe and America and he continues through a
litany of hate-producing statements and is seen to be interrupted by
much applause and given a standing ovation at the end.

In Stoughton, Mass, another Synagogue is seen to be hosting Wilders and
his film Fitna, to wild enthusiasm. This Synagogue at least gave the de
rigueur disclaimer that Wilders does not represent the views of the
invitees (then why have him over?!!!), courtesy of the Middle East Forum
Law Project and the Republican Jewish Coalition.

It would appear that Rabbis in Israel were calling Rabbis in the US to
get them to have Geert Wilders make his presentation at American
Synagogues. Even the Stoughton Police department got credit for making
this presentation a reality...I am certain the Police supported Wilders
largely because of the hard work and fear-mongering by SSI. Geert
Wilders, this blond Aryan who would make Nazis proud, was called a hero
and embraced by this Rabbi before speaking.

Some Wilders’ quotes:

We might be in the final stages of the Islamization of Europe...a
clear and present danger.
I have warned against the dangers of the Quran and the dangers of
My mission is to warn people of the Islamization of Western societies…
And if there is one country, one country in the world that is most
dear to me and faces the threat of destruction of (by) the power of
Islam, it is Israel...the only country in the Middle East that shares
the values of our Western society…
The war against war against the West…

From Jewish groups and congregations around America?


I would like my friends and readers to ponder this; what exactly would
be happening in America if some hate-monger created a vile film against
Jews, full of falsehoods and then was accorded a heroes welcome all
across the US as he showed his film to enthusiastic Muslim crowds and
warned against the dangers of Judaism and Jews, to the world, calling
for the destruction of Judaism and expulsion of Jews?


Vilification and condemnation of such a person and all the Muslim
congregations who would welcome him, would be extremely well-deserved
and justified. I am willing to bet the MANY if not most Muslim
congregations, would openly condemn such a man and congregations who
host him.

I guarantee you I would be among the MOST who would openly and loudly
condemn them.

In despair