Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lies, Torture and Videotapes

Lies, Torture and Videotapes

by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert

UNITED STATES of America - It can now be reported that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is sitting on "smoking gun" evidence proving that the former BushFRAUD Administration ordered the torturing of countless Iraqi Intelligence Officers, who actually lived in the United States during the post 9/11 period, this includes Jose Padilla, known FBI informant and Oklahoma bombing suspect aka John Doe #2.

These Iraqi Intelligence Officers, some of them FBI informants, were taken to Guantanamo Bay and tortured in an attempt to coerce false confessions:

1. That Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was linked to 9/11

2. That Saddam was in possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs), and

3. That Saddam was undertaking a nuclear program.

Note: The videotapes of the tortures and interrogation tapes were criminally destroyed by the CIA in a clear Obstruction of Justice.

Note: All of these BushFRAUD lies would eventually be exposed as such, but not before former BushFRAUD Secretary of State Colin Powell used the coerced testimony of an Iraq Intelligence Officer as predicate in front of the United Nations in an attempt to force the world body to authorize BushFRAUD's TREASONOUS war in Iraq.

Reference: The illegal War in Iraq has cost the American Taxpayers 9.7 TRILLION dollars.

Related BushFRAUD rendition and torture [enhancements added]:

Mystery surrounds prison death of terrorist whose testimony was key to Iraq invasion

Islamist dies in Tripoli shortly after human rights group visit
From Fred Bridgland in Libya
May 19, 2009

THE ISLAMIST terrorist who was the key source of the false intelligence used to trigger the US and UK 2003 military invasion of Iraq has been found dead in a Libyan prison cell.

Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi allegedly commited suicide by hanging in the prison where he was being held in the Libyan capital, Tripoli. His death followed a visit by a team from Human Rights Watch, one of the world's leading independent organisations dedicated to defending and protecting human rights.

The al-Libi affair opens a window on an extraordinarily close espionage link that existed between the government of the former US president, George Bush, and the authoritarian Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi.

Al-Libi was the unnamed source that Bush, his former secretary of state, Colin Powell, and other administration officials relied upon prior to the Iraq invasion to assert that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was helping a terrorist organisation run by al-Qaeda.

Al-Libi was known to Powell and Bush by the codename "Curveball".

Powell's speech to the United Nations Security Council on February 5, 2003 was largely based on al-Libi's coerced testimony - which was extracted from him in Egyptian torture chambers - even though many US intelligence officials questioned it at the time and later dismissed it completely. In his address, aimed at drumming up support for the invasion, Powell said he could "trace the story of a senior terrorist operative telling how Iraq provided training in these chemical and biological weapons to al-Qaeda".

He added: "Fortunately, this operative is now detained." Powell did not identify "Curveball" by name, but CIA officials - and a Senate Intelligence Committee report - later confirmed he was referring to al-Libi.

The Bush administration argued that the invasion of Iraq was necessary because the country was concealing weapons of mass destruction from international inspectors and could have shared those weapons with terrorists. No such stockpiles were found after the invasion.

Colin Powell's chief of staff at the time of the Security Council address, Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, said he has since discovered that Bush's vice-president, Dick Cheney, ordered the Egyptian torturers to step up their techniques on al-Libi to obtain "a smoking gun linking Iraq and al-Qaeda".

Wilkerson, writing in online political journal The Washington Note, went on: "The vice-president's office ordered them the Egyptians to continue the enhanced methods. The detainee al-Libi had not revealed any al-Qaeda-Baghdad contacts yet. This ceased only after Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi, under waterboarding in Egypt, revealed' such contacts."

Libyan-born al-Libi, 45 when he died last week, was a member of the anti-Gaddafi Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and the head of the al-Qaeda-linked Khaldan training camp in eastern Afghanistan from 1995 to 2000. He was detained in Pakistan in November 2001 and sent to a US detention centre in Afghanistan before being transferred by the CIA to the USS Bataan, an assault aircraft carrier stationed in the Arabian Ocean, and then to Egypt in early 2002 under the Bush administration's "extraordinary rendition" programme.

Under what has been described as "US torture by proxy", Human Rights Watch (HRW), quoting a declassified CIA cable, said al-Libi's Egyptian interrogators demanded information from the Libyan about al-Qaeda's connections with Iraq. The CIA document said the object of the interrogation was something "about which al-Libi said he knew nothing and had difficulty even coming up with a story".

Al-Libi's inquisitors subjected him to a mock burial in a coffin less than 20 inches high for 17 hours, according to the CIA cable. When he was let out, al-Libi was given a "last opportunity" to "tell the truth. Still his answers did not satisfy the Egyptian team. He was knocked to the ground and punched for 15 minutes."

It was some time afterwards that al-Libi "confessed" that Iraq had trained al-Qaeda fighters on chemical and biological weaponry - information taken up by the Bush administration to justify the Iraq invasion.

A bipartisan report by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence found in September 2006 that al-Libi had "lied about the link to avoid torture". The committee also found that although al-Libi had close contacts with al-Qaeda, he was not a member of the fundamentalist Islamic network.

After extracting the false confession from al-Libi, the Egyptians handed him to the CIA. The date of the transfer is unknown, as is the location where he was detained, although there is speculation it was Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. Some time in early 2006 the Americans delivered al-Libi to Gaddafi.

Commenting on al-Libi's death in his cell shortly after he was visited by two HRW staffers on April 27, the campaign group's Middle East director, Sarah Leah Whitson, said it meant "the world will never hear his account of the brutal torture he experienced".

She added: "So now it is up to Libya and the United States to reveal the full story of what they know, including its impact on al-Libi's mental health."

Stacy Sullivan, a counter-terrorism adviser for HRW, said of al-Libi: "He's a fairly significant figure in the counter-terrorism world, and his testimony I would say provided the linchpin for the invasion of Iraq."

Sullivan said HRW personnel were "stunned" to discover al-Libi in Tripoli's Abu Salim prison during their fact-finding mission to Libya. Washington has never confirmed what happened to him, she said. When prison officials pointed out al-Libi to the research team, he refused to be interviewed by them. "Where were you when I was being tortured in American jails?" he said, according to Sullivan. She added: "He got really angry and walked away."

Human rights organisations and Islamic groups have questioned whether al-Libi's death was suicide.

Yasser al-Sirri, an Egyptian who runs the Islamic Observation Centre in London, said al-Libi was a "true Muslim, and Islam prohibits committing suicide".

Clive Stafford Smith of Justice, a group of British human rights lawyers, said: "We are told that al-Libi committed suicide in his Libyan prison. If this is true it would be because of his torture and abuse. If false, it may reflect a desire to silence one of the greatest embarrassments to the Bush administration."

Justice investigator Clara Gutteridge added: "He was tortured into making false statements that were relied upon to start the Iraq war, and when that became too embarrassing he was disappeared' to a rights-abusing country."

Hafed Al-Ghwell, a Libya expert and director of communications at the Dubai campus of Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, scoffed at the notion that people in Libyan jails "simply commit suicide".

He said: "This is a regime with a long history of killing people in jail and then claiming it was suicide. My guess is Libya has seen the winds of change in America and wanted to bury this man before international organisations start demanding access to him."

Tom Malinowski, the head of HRW's Washington office, said that al-Libi was "Exhibit A in the narrative that tortured confessions contributed to the massive intelligence failure that preceded the Iraq war".

The al-Libi case sheds light on the extraordinary level of co-operation that existed between the Bush team and the Gaddafi regime.

Gaddafi helped the US pursue al-Qaeda's network in North Africa by extraditing radicals to neighbouring pro-Western states.

Israeli Mossad agent and TRAITOR
Jane Harman, D-CA

P.S. All of this BushFRAUD criminal TREASON dovetails to the ongoing espionage inquiry directed against Israeli Mossad agent Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton stooge Jane Harman, D-CA.
Israeli Mossad espionage agents
Jane Harman (Reuters) and Uzi Arad

We can now divulge, folks, that Harman is actually caught on tape not only obstructing justice but in soliciting a campaign contribution from Uzi Arad in return for Harman's work to obstruct and stop the Israeli espionage case against her fellow Israeli Mossad agents, Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman.
ESPIONAGE Against the American People
Israeli Mossad agents
Steven Rosen, Keith Weissman, Jane Harman, D-CA

How dare you, you conspiratorial tyrants
and kings and notable queens!

It was none other than the former head of the North American Israeli Mossad, Rahm Emanuel, that then organized the fundraiser for Harman, which was held in Hollywood, California with the assistance of KHAZARIAN Jew and Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate bagman and Hollywood mogul Steven Spielberg.
Rahm Emanuel, Steven Spielberg, Jane Harman, D-CA

We can also now divulge that Harman was aware in February of 2003 that the BushFRAUD torture program was none other than an attempt to Obstruct Justice and coerce false testimony to cover up the truth about 9/11 and enable false evidence that would lead American into an illegal War in Iraq based on a lie!
Robert Luskin (L), Bill Clinton and Eric Holder

left pic: Joel Rennich UPI

At this hour, Harman is actually using former President Bill Clinton aka daddy Bush's little bitch, and her current attorney Robert Luskin, to blackmail and threaten U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder who has no choice but to proceed with an indictment against Israeli Mossad agent Jane Harman, D-CA.

Note: Harman's attorney, Robert Luskin, is the same attorney that represented Israeli Mossad agent Monica Lewinsky and former BushFRAUD Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove.

P.P.S. We can also report that the BushFRAUD Administration used rendition flights to take the alleged terrorists, 9/11 and illegal Iraq War whistleblowers, to Libya and Syria.

Related March 10, 2008 intelligence briefing on rendition flights:

Canadian national Maher Arar, who was cleared of terrorist charges by the Canadian Government, was the individual that actually emailed the 9/11 evidence to Lt. Vreeland's computer.
Canadian Maher Arar, a French Intelligence Agent

Chris Wattie/Reuters



Maher Arar's evidence was seized by New York state officials and handed over to then Deputy Attorney General, MOSSAD agent and 9/11 co-conspirator and Bush-Crime Family Syndicate fixer, dual ISRAELI-U.S. citizen TRAITOR Michael Chertoff.

Maher Arar was eventually flown to Syria on the noted Bushfraud rendition flights on an aircraft owned by none other than Bush-Clinton Crime Family 9/11 linked TERRORIST Viktor Bout.

Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad received MILLIONS of dollars in BRIBES in return for allowing these alleged terrorists aka whistleblowers to be taken out of the United States and then tortured in known terrorist nations.

The alleged terrorists aka whistleblowers continue to be tortured by private mercenaries, some of them Israeli Mossad agents, tied to the British-owned Blackwater Corporation.


Libyan Muammar Gaddafi (L), Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

We can also now reveal that the bagman involved in the bribery of both Libyan Gaddafi and Syrian al-Assad, in reference to the aforementioned rendition flights to allow torture in attempts to procure false confessions, is none other than former CIA Director and known Bush Crime Family Syndicate bagman Porter Goss. Reference: The funds Goss used to bribe Gaddafi and al-Assad aka the rendition flights, the torture and the black prisons, were funds tied to none other than the Federal Reserve Bank of New York aka Stephen Friedman and the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme. photo AFP

Note: We can also divulge that new evidence has surfaced linking the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme to a secret SEC trading platform.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is currently under investigation for money laundering to Pakistan involving the theft of U.S. Taxpayers' Treasury funds aka secret offshore Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate accounts.

Item: It is interesting today that U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner finally proposed setting up a "bad" bank to house the noted toxic derivatives.

The implementation of this "bad" bank had been originally proposed early on in the Obama Administration.

Question: Could it be that with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York under investigation that Geithner decided it was time to Obstruct Justice and finally take the toxic assets out of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Question: Could it be the fundraiser staged for Israeli Mossad agent and TRAITOR Jane Harman, D-CA, came from the same Federal Reserve Bank of New York-Bernard Madoff-Steven Spielberg Hollywood money laundry?

Stay tuned. More details will be forthcoming in our future intelligence briefings.

We are focusing on the Central Bank of Iraq.

P.P.P.S. Do not be fooled by the Nancy Pelosi diversion, folks. As much of a traitor and an incompetent that Pelosi is [threatened Congress with MARTIAL LAW in September of 2008 aka their support of the first BushFRAUD "bail out"], the corporate fascist, extortion-friendly media elite would rather discuss an irrelevant statement Pelosi made in regards to CIA credibility than the mounting criminal evidence aka BushFRAUD's TREASONOUS rendition flights and torture chambers, along with the escalating Israeli espionage scandal, which is engulfing Washington, D.C.

At this hour, we can also divulge that Pelosi is being blackmailed by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina in regards to the Clinton rendition flights aka the kidnapping of Ambassador Leo Wanta from Switzerland in 1993 when Wanta, along with former FBI Director William Sessions, General Vernon Walter, French President Francois Mitterrand, FBI informant Vince Foster and then Vice President, now year 2000 duly elected, natural born President Albert Gore Jr., tried to have Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate bagman, fugitive Marc Rich arrested, when Rich was in between Switzerland and France on his way to Monte Carlo.
Ambassador Leo Wanta

The other illegal activity involving the kidnapping of Ambassador Leo Wanta in early 1997, is when Ambassador Wanta, on the orders of daddy Bush's little bitch, Bill Clinton, and his sociopath loser wife, lesbian in-the-closet Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, along with former Republican Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson, ordered Wanta kidnapped from his temporary residence in Wisconsin to a holding facility aka gulag-type prison in Sayre, Oklahoma.

Former Clinton era Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr who, at the time of his appointment represented the Wisconsin division of the Children's Defense Fund, which was tied directly to Hillary Clinton.

Starr was also the attorny for Ambassador Wanta but abrutly resigned as Wanta's attorney when he was appointed Independent Counsel. Starr's conflict of interest was glaring. We can see now why he covered up Vince Foster's murder and resigned as Wanta's attorney since Ambassador Wanta could have been a witness in implicating Hillary Clinton in the murder of Foster.

Now you see, folks, why Wanta was kidnapped by the Clintons with the acquiescence of Kenneth Starr at put in the Sayre, Oklahoma gulag.

Not only were the Clintons misusing the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol funds, but they also wished to silence Ambassador Wanta considering Wanta's knowledge of massive criminal misconduct by then Clinton Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr involving Starr's cover up of the murder of Wanta's partner in the Marc Rich arrest attempt, former Clinton White House aide Vincent W. Foster.

Final note: Stay tuned for our future intelligence briefings, which will include an update on the theft of former Vice President, now year 2000 duly elected President Albert Gore Jr.'s daughter's personal files and social security number from the U.S. National Archives.

Do not believe any computer glitch spin, folks. The Clintons were notified of the missing files but not Gore; and it was the Bush Administration that was in power during this crime.

One of Gore's daughters, in December of 2008, met with a NASA space agency official who gave her the "smoking gun" evidence of the satellite programs that were used to electronically steal West Virginia, Missouri, Florida, New Hampshire and Gore's home state of Tennessee in the year 2000 presidential coup d'état.

Gore's daughter received copies of the NASA electronic computer program coded "Gator" for Florida and "Rocky Top" for Tennessee.

Note: It was Washington Post criminal journalist and CIA asset David Ignatius that actually tipped off Karl Rove and the Bush White House about Gore's daughter meeting with the NASA space agency official in Florida and actually placed Gore's daughter's life in jeopardy.

We will have more on Ignatius' role in the year 2000 presidential election coup and the threats against Al Gore and his daughters in the next intelligence briefing.


Patrick Fitzgerald and Rahm Emanuel

We will also bring you more news on TRAITOR and cover up artist Patrick Fitzgerald, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, who is currently trying to frame former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich in an attempt to protect Obama White House Chief of Staff, Israeli Mossad agent Rahm Emanuel.

Fitzgerald is currently covering up Rahm Emanuel's role in procuring school grants for an educational institution called The Chicago Academy, which fronts as an Israeli Mossad espionage outpost.

In closing, folks, here is a personal message to Joe Scarborough of MSNBC:

Quit lying and defending BushFRAUD's complicity in his PRE 9/11 TREASON and his illegal war in Iraq.

I know your involvement in the year 2000 presidential election coup, Scarborough, and that you are a propaganda instrument for the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate.

By the way, Scarborough, you might want to respond to Colin Powell's aide, Lawrence Wilkerson's charge alleging that Colin Powell is convinced that BushFRAUD supplied him with bogus evidence that took us to an illegal war in Iraq based on a lie.

Why Bush's 'Enhanced Interrogation' Program Failed

When Japanese did it to Americans
in WWII it WAS torture
Soldiers in Vietnam used waterboarding UPI
The Cambodian Khmer Rouge regime

used waterboarding TORTURE

Waterboarding Historically Controversial

In 1947, the U.S. Called It a War Crime; in 1968, It Reportedly Caused an Investigation

By Walter Pincus

Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, October 5, 2006

...Twenty-one years earlier, in 1947, the United States charged a Japanese officer, Yukio Asano, with war crimes for carrying out another form of waterboarding on a U.S. civilian...

"Asano was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor," Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) told his colleagues last Thursday during the debate on military commissions legislation. "We punished people with 15 years of hard labor when waterboarding was used against Americans in World War II," he said...

Remember, Scoobie Dooo, when you make it this personal, it could easily get physical.

"You give me a water board, Dick cheney, and one hour, and I'll have him confess to the Sharon Tate murders" -Jesse Ventura
By the way, congratulations to Jesse Ventura for talking about his plans for waterboarding the TRAITOR Dick Cheney and the entire Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate for their HIGH Treason against the American People. Scarborough campaign with Bush 8/04 image by qpmwoof
Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate (L)
Joe Scarborough supporting War Criminal BushFRAUD

In fact, I intend to contact Ventura and tell him that we need to organize a waterboarding party and have Scarborough, the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate, all of their treasonous associates, as well as the Washington Post and their enabler journalists David Ignatius and Bob Woodward as guests of honor.