Thursday, February 9, 2012

NED, USAID, and Both International Republican Institute (IRI) and National Democratic Institute (NDI) Agitate Citizen Activists....

NED, USAID, and Both International Republican Institute (IRI) and National Democratic Institute (NDI) Agitate Citizen Activists....

[The real issue in Egypt and in all Arab Spring countries is the nature of US and Western "aid" coming in--It is being used to agitate an otherwise unmotivated national mass to take anti-government actions? Egyptian press reports even question whether Western NGOs are hiring protesters to lead national rallies. As to whether the National Democratic Institute and the International Republican Institute are exceeding their mandate and actually fomenting revolution in Egypt or not--Well, they are promoting revolutionary democracy. Read the following two excerpts from the organizations' websites:

"NDI and its local partners work to promote openness and accountability in government by building political and civic organizations, safeguarding elections, and promoting citizen participation."

"IRI can help catalyze the efforts of democratic activists in a country -- so long as they want change more than we want it for them."

It sounds like both organizations have the same mission, to alter the electorate of the recipient countries into armies of citizen activists, who agitate their governments to copy Americanized ideas. One by one, governments around the world are becoming aware of the true meaning of American "foreign aid," that we package a little political poison into every dollars worth of aid given, so that we slowly trap those unfortunate souls who think that they are becoming "free." The Western agitators being detained in Egypt will definitely flee the harsh circumstances that await them, if given the chance--explaining why they are not allowed to travel. The legal technicality behind their detainment is the Egyptian government need to know what foreign NGOs are operating in country. It is not unreasonable at all, to ask that all foreign outfits working in-country register with the government. After all, it would be required if they came here, at a very minimum. Any such groups wanting to come here would probably have to petition for work visas a year before the fact.]

”The United States deeply about what happens to the non-governmental organizations in Egypt, and we believe that there is no basis for investigations into the activities of these organizations or raid and the confiscation of their property , be sure that there is no basis for the decision to ban its members from traveling.”

Egypt: Concerns of U.S. foreign activists referred to the judiciary...

Campaign on the non-governmental/CIA organizations in Egypt....
Warned the three members of the U.S. Senate from Egypt that the relations between the two terms thereof passes worst after that the Egyptian judiciary has decided to refer the 19 U.S. activists to trial.These defendants and falls within the list of 43 activists have been referred to the Criminal Court in the case of funding, “illegal” to civil associations active in Egypt.

Said Charles, without director of “Freedom House” The message sent by the authorities in Egypt have come to Washington.

The Egyptian judicial sources announced Sunday that “40 people, including Egyptians, American and other nationalities, were transferred to the Cairo Criminal Court in the case of the financing of NGOs,” adding that the travel ban is still imposed on the people of forty.

The source said that those placed on trial accused of “the establishment and operation of branches of international organizations in Egypt without obtaining the necessary legal permits from the Egyptian government, and also received illegal funding from foreign sources.”

Such a move could increase the tension that marred U.S. relations Egyptian after the storming of the security forces for many of the offices of NGOs, including organizations like the U.S., “International Republican Institute,” and “Democratic Institute National” and “Freedom House”, in December / December the past.

The Egyptian authorities have raided the headquarters of 17 organizations, local and international civil and confiscated computers and documents, said it is evidence for those organizations to external financing are “illegal.”

And alerted the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Washington might reconsider U.S. aid to Egypt in the event of continuing the crackdown on civil organizations.

Clinton said after meeting Saturday, Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohammed Amr, on the sidelines of the Conference on Security in Munich, Germany, “I had the opportunity to express once again the concern of the United States strong in regards to what happens to the non-governmental organizations in Egypt, and we believe that there is no basis for investigations into the activities of those organizations or Dhmha and the confiscation of their property, be sure that there is no basis for the decision to ban its members from traveling. “

Clinton went on, saying: “We have been clear with regard to implications of which could result from such a position on the aspects of relations between Egypt and the United States all, we do not want that to happen.”

And reached Clinton to the peak of warnings when she said “We have worked hard together and over the years to arrange financial assistance and great support to the Egyptian economy and the reforms of democracy taking place in Egypt, and we certainly we will look closely when the time comes to check the feasibility of such assistance, so that we can decide how possibility T_khasns American aid money under the new conditions in Egypt. “

ActivistsNGO activists working in Egypt

He also held U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta telephoned his Egyptian counterpart Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, head of the ruling military junta in Egypt, to urge him to expedite the abolition of the travel ban imposed on the defendants in the case of American foreign funding.

During the consultations taking place in Congress regarding U.S. military aid to Egypt did not find a senior member of the Senate’s critical that a government led by the military in Egypt that the days of “blank checks” are gone, as is the delegation of Egyptian military tough negotiations with the U.S. State Department about the future of U.S. military aid to Egypt, amounting to $ 1.2 billion annually.

Launched Senator Patrick Leahy, Chairman of the Subcommittee is responsible for foreign aid in Congress, an attack Anivia the Macal that Egyptian campaign fierce groups and organizations defending human rights and democracy in Egypt funded by the U.S. government, and warned that Congress could stop all forms of U.S. aid to Egypt , unless you stop this behavior on the part of Cairo.

A clear message

Leahy said “We want to send a clear message to the Egyptian army that time of blank checks is over, yes, we appreciate the relationship between Egypt and the United States to Cairo and we will give a respectable amount of aid, but not unconditionally.”

And Leahy joins a growing number of members of Congress from both parties who have expressed their “outrage because of the Egyptian campaign on non-governmental organizations working in Egypt,” which amounted to prevent a number of active U.S. employees from leaving Cairo.

Leahy warned that the continuation of the Egyptian government in the “offensive” to non-governmental organizations will be unable to provide Cairo papers all entitlement to assistance.

He said that the Cairo to allow those organizations to re-open its doors and return property confiscated by and stop the ongoing investigations in the activities of human rights organizations operating in Egypt and work on the registration of such organizations, without limitation or qualification.

He expressed the hope that the Egyptian authorities estimate the seriousness of its position and the implications of risk, and in reference to U.S. aid to Egypt by $ 1.3 billion a year.

And drew more than forty members of Congress a letter Friday to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, as well as Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, head of the ruling military junta in Egypt, Tihdhirounam where the U.S. aid to Egypt now hangs on a tightrope between grants and prevention.

The rhetoric in the U.S. House of Representatives that the absence of any clear resolution and satisfactory in that case would be to weaken the position of MPs who support the continuation of the strong relations between the United States, Egypt and discredit their argument to claim down U.S. aid to Cairo.

Egyptian military delegation

Field Marshal TantawiField Marshal Tantawi seeks to resume military aid to Egypt

At the same time received a number of senior U.S. State Department over on Thursday and Friday with a delegation from the Egyptian army to discuss the U.S. position on the crisis of non-governmental organizations in Egypt, as well as the new requirements imposed by Congress on the U.S. administration regarding military aid to Egypt.

Under those conditions compel the Secretary of State acknowledge that the ruling military authorities in Egypt are already taking real steps towards the country’s transition to democracy, and that before agreeing to provide any new aid.

A spokesman for the U.S. State Department Mark Toner, explaining how to provide aid to Egypt, said that this is done through the process of negotiating a long and continuous with the Congress, as “we make it clear to the Egyptians it clear that Congress put pressure on us to reduce aid and make it more tightly to the conditions.”

The Toner U.S. officials, led by Jeffrey Feltman, Assistant Secretary of State, have called Cairo repeatedly to allow U.S. citizens working in the non-governmental organizations in Cairo to leave Egypt and the abolition of travel restrictions all, which imposed on them by the Attorney General of Egypt in the framework of investigations with what is known to foreign funding for NGOs and non-governmental organizations in Egypt.

Egyptian justifications

The campaign was the Egyptian non-governmental organizations in Egypt, among which was the National Democratic Institute of the U.S., has led to more tension in Egyptian-American relations since the overthrow of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak last year.

The ruling military junta has been in Egypt on charges he says that “foreign hands masterminding the violence to destabilize Egypt,” after the revolution of the twenty-fifth of January last year.

The Egyptians say that the campaign is part of the extensive investigations in the case of foreign funding for NGOs operating in Egypt, and whether the activity of such associations contribute to the increase in the case of the current tension in the Egyptian society.

But activists in civil society organizations say that the military authorities ordered the implementation of the campaign to terrorize activists who were in the vanguard of the revolution’s anti-Hosni Mubarak, who are now demanding to hand over power in Egypt points to a civilian and as soon as possible.

The judicial authorities in Egypt have issued a ban on travel of a number of U.S. officials working in the civil society organizations that are related to remote major U.S. political parties.

He had a number of these, including the son of the Minister of Transportation Ray LaHood U.S., to take refuge in the U.S. embassy in Cairo....