Monday, June 15, 2009

The Judeo-Christian oxymoron or the real clash of civilizations

The Judeo-Christian oxymoron or the real clash of civilizations

Andrew Winkler, The Rebel Media Group

Whenever it comes to the dreadful Mid-East conflict, Zionst controlled media and politicians like to invoke Judeo-Christianity as opposed to radical Islam. It’s one of those deliberately misconstrued expressions that Jews like to use in order to confuse and manipulate us. They know very well that what the term ‘Judeo-Christianity’ implies, a common Judeo-Christian heritage does not exist.

Christian churches as we know them are the last thing that Jesus had on his mind when he lead his revolt against the oral traditions of the Pharisees. What after the destruction of the Jerusalem temple was codified as the mother of all hate literature, the Babylonian Talmud, was nothing short of a Satanic heresy of the Old Testament or Torah.

Real nature of Christianity

When killing Jesus didn’t stop his followers from challenging the Pharisees, one of their top inquisitors, Apostle Paul, came up with the brilliant idea of redirecting their missionary efforts towards the Gentiles. To make the new ‘faith’ more palatable for Gentiles and less of a threat to the Pharisees, Paul and his fellow moles incorporated all sorts of popular elements from other religions. The Egyptian Isis cult became the model for the Christian adoration of the Virgin Mary, Jesus miracles are copyright infringements of the tales of the Greek God Hercules, and Roman Mithraism was ruthlessly gutted for the layout of Christian churches, liturgies and even the celebration of Jesus’ birth. In fact it was common practice for Christians to simply kick the Mithrais people out of their temples and convert them to churches.

Christianity is Judaism minus the oral tradition of the Pharisees plus lots of features stolen of competing Mediterranean religions. The only part that Christians, Jews and – let’s not forget – Muslims supposedly share, have effectively been abandoned by the Jews, even though they will never admit that.. The Pharisees and – their modern descendents – the rabbis have always been quite frank about the fact that they are putting “the Law”, that is their perverted re-interpretations of the Torah, above “God’s word”.[1]

In spite of this brilliant strategy of the Pharisees, of fighting off Jesus’ challenge, Christianity, their own creation, was still making inroads amongst Jews. Too harsh and hateful was the rabbinic oppression and too attractive Jesus proposition of universal love and forgiveness. That’s why they had to create a competing faith, Islam, designed to destroy or weaken the Christian threat. Muslims all over the world are amazed by the rapid victory of the faithful troops against the collapsing Roman Empire.[2] What they don’t realize is that this victory was financially and politically engineered by Jewish bankers. This also explains why Jews had such a privileged position in the Arab and Ottoman empires and were routinely entrusted with the day to day running of the countries.

When the Catholics kings of Spain forced the Jews to convert or move to Holland, things massively changed. Suddenly there was a whole group of rich and powerful Jews who no longer could profit from helping the Muslim rulers to oppress the local Christians. So they quickly destroyed the Muslim monopoly on the profitable slave and spice trade, which is how European colonialism came about. The raise of England and Holland was the direct result of the Spanish decision to kick out the Jews.

The Jew-engineered cock fight between Christians and Muslims continued. When England converted from coal fired to oil fired war ships, it was deemed necessary to take over control of Arab oil. The Young Turks movement of crypto-Jews were created and bankrolled by London bankers, with the sole purpose of destroying the Ottoman Empire. To upset Western Christians with the Turks, a massive genocide was organized on Christian Armenians. The Zionist movement was lobbied to choose Palestine as location for the future Jewish State. Germany was enticed to enter into a war with England to put pressure on the Brits to help the Zionists fulfill their dream of Greater Israel, which conveniently extends from the Euphrates to the Nile. When Britain gave in to the pressure in the Balfour declaration, Germany’s Jews did their bit to sabotage the German war effort.

The raise of Hitler

The only problem was how to bully enough European Jews into moving to Palestine to effectively control the Middle-East.. That’s why Hitler came along, the real father of the Jewish State. His raise to power was bankrolled by Jewish bankers. The last thing he was going to do is kill all European Jews. Rounding up the Jews and imprisoning them into concentration camps was done for two reasons: to protect them from the Allied terror bombing and to prepare for their emigration to the future state of Israel. The Nazis in cooperation with the Jewish press did a wonderful job at making Europe’s Jews feel unwelcome, even fear for their lives.

The war on terror

A lot of people argue whether the war on terror is a war for oil or a war for Israel, as if their was a difference. For the Jewish bankers war is business and business is war. The meeting rooms of Jewish corporations are called ‘war rooms’ for a good reason. Jewish business predators like Bill Gates are known for their aggressive ‘take no prisoners’ approach and have no qualm about profiteering from war. The Jew-engineered clash of civilizations is nothing but the latest version of the two thousand year old Jewish war for profit. It’s time for Christian and Muslim families to learn their lessons and stop providing the cannon fodder for the Jews.


[1] Even without the Pharisean heresies, the Torah is quiet a piece of work. It’s full of lust for blood, cruel punishment and genocide against the perceived enemies of the Chosen ones. You’d think you can’t top that kind of hatred, until you study the Talmud. If you don’t believe me on that matter, I suggest you read Michael Hoffman’s “Judaism Discovered”.

[2] Jews don’t really learn from their mistakes. Their tendency of creating new enemies to fight old enemies they created themselves always bites them in the back, like it does today with Hezbollah and Hamas, which were supposed to weaken the PLO.