Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Protocols of the Illuminati"

This article explains how religions are used by the illuminati to spread satanism, which reminds us that the enemy isn't Judaism or other religions per se. Judaism has long been accused of blood drinking, baby eating, human and animal sacrifice, etc., but those things are part of Cabalistic-Talmudic Judaism, rather than True Torah Judaism (which is bad enough considering it worships the hate-filled and violence promoting Old Testament). When I first read about the illuminati, I thought it was too horrible to be true, but as Hoover said: "The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a Conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst." Of course the late J. Edgar is a Freemasonic hero. Freemasonry is just another religious cult, and it has been infiltrated by the illuminati like all the other religions have. Hoover was an ardent anti-communist, yet he worked for the same people, but obviously didn't know it. The fact that people who don't know each other describe the same satanic rituals seems to prove they are real, and at this point I no longer doubt it. The protocols of zion were written by the illuminati House of Rothschild, but changed to make it appear Jewish people were behind the NWO conspiracy. David Icke calls them the "Protocols of the Illuminati", which seems to be a more accurate name. The learned elders of Zion are the House of Rothschild, and the other illuminati families - there are supposedly 13 in all.

"The essence of her story was that there are currently many rabbis involved in this cult who brought their satanic rituals with them to the USA from Europe. That she was born into one of the Jewish families owing allegiance to the cult. She claimed to have been used as part of an organized child sexual abuse ring organized by the rabbi of her synagogue, and that the sexual abuse took place on Sifrei Torah Scrolls laid out on the floor of the synagogue. That the abuse began in early childhood and continued over a period of many years, through her teen years and into adulthood, and that she was only one of the many young children, boys and girls used in this manner. I did not ask for specifics of the rituals but she mentioned cannibalism, defecation and the sacrilege of sacred objects."

A friend believes that the Illuminati want power but he can't believe they worship Satan and eat babies. I certainly wouldn't invent such an implausible scenario. As J. Edgar Hoover said, "We must now face the harsh truth that the objectives of communism are being steadily advanced because many of us do not recognize the means used to advance them. ... The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a Conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst." (Elks Magazine, August 1956.)

People like my friend have little knowledge of history. Does he really think over 180 million people could be massacred in the 20th century merely by accident? Hiroshima, the holodomor, the holocaust and 9-11 were the products of a single Satanic mindset. Does he think the steady decline of popular culture into degeneracy and obscenity is a coincidence? Does he think the gradual mainstreaming of incest homosexuality, pederasty and the occult is random? Does he think the destruction of higher education (in the humanities) and the family is coincidence too? (Forty per cent of US kids were born to single mothers in 2007 compared to 4% in the 1950's.) Mankind is in the thrall of a powerful Satanic cult intent on destroying and enslaving it.

As the therapist Grossman said, Vicki's claims are corroborated by many others. I have reported on them in articles like "Illuminati Sex Slaves Paint Horrifying Picture;" "The Root Problem: Illuminati or Jews?" and "Illuminati Defector Details Pervasive Conspiracy." I have an audio interview with Mary Anne on my site which refers to human sacrifices eight times a year. Both Svali and Fritz Springmeier have described Illuminati trauma brainwashing and satanic rituals. These activities are also practised by high level Masons and members of intelligence agencies like MI-5 and MI-6.

As long as we deny that society has been subverted by a Satanic cult, that our leaders are dupes or agents, we won't be able to address our predicament. As long as we smear truth tellers like Vicki Polin, we will either implicate ourselves, or continue to be accomplices in our own demise.

The logical outcome of this demented ideology is the destruction of everything we hold dear.
Obviously society needs a major cleansing but this won't happen as long as the levers of power are in Illuminati hands and the masses remain apathetic. Hopefully the economic crisis will alert many more people to the danger we all face.
For example:
S-300 anti-aircraft missle system... The following link is a discussion of the S-300 and Patriot missile. Some people think that the USA copied the Russians (Soviets), but most think the Russians copied the USA. It may be BOTH. I worked for a company that made missiles during the height of the cold war, when espionage was rampant. I myself was victimized by an MKultra type of surveillance and torture, which they probably justified by saying I might be a spy like the "Falcon" (Falcon and the Snowman - Christopher Boyce). After Boyce was arrested, there was likely a program to watch other people working in the industry who had gotten their jobs through nepotism, and who might be a security risk because of their leftist/anti-government leanings (hippie druggie commies...). Getting back to my point: it probably does work both ways. The Russians have very advanced missle technology - their ICBM's are more sophisticated than ours in some ways. We often incorporate modern missle technologies into older missles, such as using AMRAAM technology on the older Phoenix missile. It wouldn't surprise me if we used some S-300 technologies in the Patriot, and of course the Soviets copied a lot of our weapons. It's even possible that the Patriot and S-300 programs were joint-ventures, so to speak, like our biological and chemical warfare programs are. I know that sounds wrong, but it's a fact that our scientists worked together with Soviet scientists developing chemical and biological warfare agents: they worked on different aspects and collaberated their research findings. The whole "cold war" was a fraud designed to scare the sheople into supporting obscene amounts of 'defense' spending, when we actually supplied the Soviets with NBC technologies, and their whole military and space programs were financed and supplied from the USA. The banksters control both governments, and most of the other governments in the world. The global coup d'etat is reaching a climax, and unless we stop them now we will all be enslaved permanently. Please do your part to help fight the fascist police-state being imposed on us by the banksters!!!

The S-300 was developed before the Patriot missile system, so it may be that the USA copied some Soviet technologies at first, and later the Soviets copied some improvements made by the USA. It's likely that it was a "joint venture" like other military programs (including NBC technologies). The airframe and propulsion technologies probably couldn't be improved after they were perfected - guidance and terminal-phase are where the most sophisticated technologies are used. I used to be fascinated reading about our high-tech military technologies in the company library almost every day during my breaks, which likely got me some attention from 'security'. I had no clearances myself, but because of who my father was they probably figured that people who did have clearances might tell me things that were classified. I assume that's the reason they targeted me with their spook mind-rape brain-frying technolgies. If you think I'm crazy and that those things never happen, I suggest you read the "Torture Report"!