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Omar Bakri Mohammed, a CIA-MI6-MOSSAD snitch....
Brigadier Ali Khan, who has been arrested in Pakistan, due to his reported links to Hizb ut Tahrir, an organization working for the CIA and MI6....i.e. MOSSAD.

The CIA and its friends reportedly use the organization called Hizb ut Tahrir to break up Moslem countries, such as Libya and Pakistan.

Hizb ut Tahrir has links to the CIA's Operation Gladio and its Ergenekon operation in Turkey (
Gladio-style terror in Istanbul, New York, Jakarta ...)

Hizb ut Tahrir has close links to the CIA's Muslim Brotherhood (
Israel and the Pentagon.),which is now so powerful in Egypt, Lebanon [ thanks to the skunk Ahmad Fatfat...] and elsewhere....

Working for MI6?

On 22 June 2011 we learn that, in Pakistan, a top military man,
Brigadier Ali Khan, has been arrested for having links with CIA-backed militants

A Pakistan military spokesman has said that brigadier Ali Khan is linked to Hizb ut Tahrir.

Talking to a private television channel, the spokesman said that Hizb ut Tahrir is linked to the United Kingdom.

In the Pakistan Observer, on 24 June 2011, an article entitled
Hizb ut Tahrir and the MI6 connection tells us more:

Pakistan military spokesman Major General Athar Abbas says Ali Khan, and four others, were detained for questioning on their links with London-based Islamist party Hizb ut Tahrir (HuT).

HuT is an international political organisation which seeks the establishment of a global Islamic Caliphate.

HuT has close ties to MI6, according to certain analysts.

HuT is said to be part of the plot to destabilise Pakistan.

Former President Pervez Musharraf complained to the UK that HuT was involved in a campaign against the Pakistan military.

HuT has been active in the Middle East.

It has been part of the plot to overthrow Arab regimes.

In the Arab countries, it infiltrates the armed forces, and then tries to bring about military coups.

After the Abbottabad raid, HuT has been making use of Facebook, Twitter, posters and processions in order to stir things up in Pakistan.

From 1986 to 1996, under leadership of Syrian born Omar Bakri Muhammad, HuT grew from a very small organization in Britain to become one of the most active Islamic organization in Pakistan.

In 1996 Bakri moved to Al-Mujahajiroun, he now lives in Tripoli, Lebanon where he has his base of operations....

Experts believe that HuT is used by MI6 as part of the Anglo-American strategy to contain the influence of the Russians and Chinese in the Central Asian Republics.

HuT is reportedly linked to the Muslim Brotherhood which has long been a front for the CIA and MI6.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been used by MI6 and CIA to weaken independent governments in the Middle East.

Presently, the HuT has been given the task of destabilizing Pakistan by targeting the armed forces.

Hizb ut Tahrir and the MI6 connection


(Pakistani military spokesman Major General AtharAbbas confirmed on June 21,2011, that Brigadier Ali Khan, who served in the "regulation directorate" at the army headquarters, had been detained for "unauthorised and illegal activities". Khan's wife said he had been missing since May 5, three days after US special forces killed Osama bin Laden in the garrison city of Abbottabad. The army insisted the arrest was part of routine screening to weed out extremists from its ranks. Khan was not involved in counter-terrorism operations but in "routine work … nothing of significance," Abbas said. Brig Ali's father was a junior commissioned officer, and his younger brother is a colonel serving in the intelligence set-up. His son and son-in-law are both army captains. Subsequent reports indicated that the Brigadier was having contacts with the Hizbut Tehrir (HT) and four serving Majors were also under investigation for links with the HT.)

The HT was formed in 1953 by Sheikh Taqiuddin an-Nabhani al Falastini, a Judge of the Shariat Appeal Court in Jerusalem. After Nakhbani’s death in 1979, Abad al-Qadim Zalum, a Jordanian, took over as its leader. The party’s headquarters were moved to London. Its multilanguage website is also reportedly operated from London. The London headquarters used to be headed by Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad, a 42 year-old Syrian, but he is now living in Tripoli Lebanon, snitching for CIA/MOSSAD/MI6 and seemingly....on the longer associated with it. One does not know who is its present's probably within Langley's walls.....

2.It has the same objectives as Al-CIAda, namely, introduction of Islamic rule according to the Sharia in Muslim majority countries and the restoration of an Islamic Caliphate, but projects itself as different from Al-CIAda. Al-CIAda is essentially a patsies/CIA/Arab organisation, with Arabs holding senior positions and exercising command and control. As against this, the HT projects itself as a multi-ethnic Islamic organisation in which membership and senior positions are open to any Muslim, irrespective of his or her ethnic background.

3.Its Aims and Objectives say: " The Party accepts Muslim men and women as its members regardless of whether they are Arab or non-Arab, white or coloured, since it is a party for all Muslims. It invites all Muslims to carry Islam and adopt its systems regardless of their nationalities, colours and madhahib (Schools of Thought), as it looks to all of them according to the viewpoint of Islam."

4.Al-CIAda is often accused of working for the Arabisation of Islam in non-Arab countries. The HT seeks to protect itself from such charges. At the same time, it admits that in its work it gave the first priority to the Arab countries and explains it thus: "Although Islam is a universal ideology, its method does not, however, allow one to work for it universally from the beginning. It is necessary, however, to invite to it universally, and make the field of work for it in one country, or a few countries, until it is consolidated there and the Islamic State is established. The whole world is a suitable location for the Islamic da’wah. But since the people in the Muslim countries have already embraced Islam, it is necessary that the da’wah starts there. The Arab countries are the most suitable location to start carrying the da’wah because these countries, which constitute part of the Muslim world, are inhabited by people who speak the Arabic language, which is the language of the Qur’an and hadith, and is an essential part of Islam and a basic element of the Islamic culture. The Hizb began and started to carry the da’wah within some of the Arab countries. It then proceeded to expand the delivery of the da’wah naturally until it began to function in many Arab countries and also in non-Arab Muslim countries as well."

5.It projects itself as a politico-religious movement. It says: "Hizbut-Tahrir is a political party whose ideology is Islam, so politics is its work and Islam is its ideology. It works within the Ummah and together with her, so that she adopts Islam as her cause and is led to restore the Khilafah and the ruling by what Allah revealed. Hizbut-Tahrir is a political group and not a priestly one. Nor is it an academic, educational or a charity group. The Islamic thought is the soul of its body, its core and the secret of its life. Its purpose is to revive the Islamic Ummah from the severe decline that it had reached, and to liberate it from the thoughts, systems and laws of Kufr, as well as the domination and influence of the Kufr states. It also aims to restore the Islamic Khilafah State so that the ruling by what Allah revealed returns. The Party, as well, aims at the correct revival of the Ummah through enlightened thought. It also strives to bring her back to her previous might and glory such that she wrests the reins of initiative away from other states and nations, and returns to her rightful place as the first state in the world, as she was in the past, when she governs the world according to the laws of Islam. It also aims to bring back the Islamic guidance for mankind and to lead the Ummah into a struggle with Kufr, its systems and its thoughts so that Islam encapsulates the world."

6.It projects its struggle as directed against "the disbelieving imperialists, to deliver the Ummah from their domination and to liberate her from their influence by uprooting their intellectual, cultural, political, economic and military roots from all of the Muslim countries. The political struggle also appears in challenging the rulers, revealing their treasons and conspiracies against the Ummah, and by taking them to task and changing them if they denied the rights of the Ummah, or refrained from performing their duties towards her, or ignored any matter of her affairs, or violated the laws of Islam. So all the work of the Party is political, whether it is in office or not. Its work is not educational, as it is not a school, nor is its work concerned with giving sermons and preaching. Rather its work is political."

7.The HT has a three-stage strategy for achieving its objectives. In the first stage, which it claims has already been completed, it concentrated on making individual Muslims all over the world aware of its ideology, message and political programme of action. The goal to be achieved was to create in individual Muslims an Islamic mind-set and Islamic emotions. In the second stage on which it is presently embarked, it concentrates on educating the Ummah as a whole as an entity. In the third stage, it proposes to focus on the achievement of political power in order to pave the way for Islamic rule according to the Sharia all over the Islamic world and the restoration of an Islamic Caliphate.

8.The HT projects itself as an organisation opposed to the use of terrorism or other forms of violence for achieving its objectives. It claims that it wants to achieve its objectives through AGITPROP (agitation-propaganda) techniques. This should not be mistaken to mean that it advises individual Muslims, including its followers, to shun the use of terrorism for promoting the interests of Islam. It sees no contradiction between its opposition to terrorism as an organisation and its followers resorting to jihadi terrorism in countries where such a dichotomy may be required and justified.

9.To quote the HT: "Whenever the disbelieving enemies attack an Islamic country it becomes compulsory on its Muslim citizens to repel the enemy. The members of Hizbut-Tahrir in that country are a part of the Muslims and it is obligatory upon them as it is upon other Muslims, in their capacity as Muslims, to fight the enemy and repel them. Whenever there is a Muslim amir who declares jihad to enhance the Word of Allah and mobilises the people to do that, the members of Hizbut-Tahrir will respond in their capacity as Muslims in the country where the general call to arms was proclaimed."

10.What, in effect, it says is that its members have two obligations. As members of the organisation, they cannot take to violence. As members of the Muslim community, they can take to arms if such a course of action is warranted by circumstances. Thus, it would be quite in order for a Muslim to propagate overtly the non-violent ways of the HT and, at the same time, take to terrorism covertly as a member of Al Qaeda or the International Islamic Front (IIF). The clandestine ways of the HT, about whose leadership not much is known, add to the fears about the real nature of the organisation and its linkages with Al Qaeda and the IIF.

11.Some analysts, particularly in Pakistan, describe the HT as an international Sunni movement, similar to Al-CIAda, but the HT itself says that its message and appeal are addressed to all Muslims, whether Sunnis or Shias. It wants its movement to be seen as a universal Muslim movement and not as a Sunni one.

12.Well-informed sources in Pakistan say that apart from the failure of the intelligence establishment to identify and weed out the pro-jihadi elements in the Armed Forces and the intelligence establishment, another cause for serious concern is the continuing failure of the intelligence establishment to identify all the leaders of the highly secretive Hizbut Tehrir (HT) and its supporters in the Armed Forces and arrest them.

13. The HT made its appearance in Pakistan for the first time in 2000. It had little role to play in the jihad of the 1980s against the Soviet troops in Afghanistan. There is nothing secretive about its ideological propaganda in favour of an Islamic Caliphate, which is open. What is highly secretive are details of its leadership, organisational structure, methods of recruitment, membership and sources of finance.

14.What is equally disturbing is that the HT, while advocating open AGITPROP (Agitation-Propaganda) methods for spreading its ideology, lays equal emphasis on the importance of a clandestine penetration of the security forces since, in its view, it would not succeed in establishing an Islamic Caliphate if the Armed Forces remain opposed to it.

15.The HT ideology and operational methods were imported into Pakistan from the UK by its supporters in the Pakistani community in the UK. It is said that within 11 years it has been able to make considerable progress not only in setting up its organisational infrastructure, but also in recruiting dedicated members in the civil society as well as the Armed Forces. It is said that no other jihadi organisation has been able to attract as many young and educated members and as many supporters in the Armed Forces as the HT despite the fact that it has been present in Pakistan hardly for about 11 years now.

16.Itwas carrying on a campaign -- open as well as secret--against Pervez Musharraf on various issues such as his alleged betrayal of Islam by supporting the US against the Taliban and Al Qaeda, his failure to "liberate" J&K from the control of India, his failure to condemn the US policies in Iraq etc.

17.In the beginning of 2004, the HT had circulated two anti-Musharraf pamphlets among Pakistani military personnel. The first of these pamphlets titled " Musharraf is transforming Pak Army into Colonial American Army" said: " The war, which Musharraf joined under the pretext of Pakistan First, is now being fought inside Pakistan. The people were informed that providing assistance to kill our Afghan brothers will save Pakistan but that lie has been exposed now. Today Pakistani army is killing Pakistani Muslims on Pakistani territory. Musharraf has reduced Pak Army into a Colonial American Army. Their motto has been practically changed from Jihad Fi Sabillillah (Jihad in the way of Allah) to Qital fisabil Amrica (Fighting for the sake of America). The butcher of Afghani Muslims is now busy in massacring the Muslims of Pakistan.These days the government repeatedly announces that killings in the tribal area are only carried out by Pakistani troops and there are no American troops involved in the operation. Most certainly, why would America risk her own troops while through the courtesy of Musharraf, she has Muslim blood at her disposal for free? To stop a civil war, the Ummah should eject Musharraf and establish Khilafah. We strongly advise the Army not to raise arms against their Muslim brothers since according to the Hadith of the Messenger , abusing a fellow Muslim is Fisq (transgression) while hitting him is Kufr (disbelief)."

18.In a statement circulated on April 27, 2005, on Musharraf's visit to New Delhi for talks with the Indian leaders, it said: "Musharraf’s claim that he has not taken a U-turn on Kashmir is an absolute lie. As a matter of fact, in Delhi, his statement that he has come to India with a ‘new heart’ exposes that he has taken a U-turn on Kashmir. In expressing his view on his ‘new heart’ he proposed to make Line of Control a ‘soft border. Not only this, the General also explicitly called for working out arrangements where ‘boundaries become irrelevant.’ During his visit, Musharraf for the very first time claimed that there existed a representative Kashmiri leadership other than All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC), a clear shift in policy. In the past Pakistan was calling for solving Kashmir first, but now it maintains that trade, cultural exchange and other CBMs (Confidence-building Measures) should get preference. Hence, the Indian stance i.e. all issues should not be linked to Kashmir, is now being propagated by Musharraf himself. The Ummah should get rid of such rulers and the Muslims be united under a single leadership by establishing Khilafat. Consequently, it will be able to resolve problems such as Kashmir, Chechnya and Palestine with a great ease."

19.The "Daily Times" of Lahore October 4, 2004, carried the following report on HT activities in Pakistan: “They are considered a new breed of Islamic fundamentalists, who study at top British and American schools yet abhor Western values, advocate a pan-Islamic state and favour the removal of Pakistan’s pro-US government.

“Militancy and violence is not part of their agenda and they want to achieve their “lofty goals” through a peaceful and non-violent struggle. But analysts say such men, fired by the passion of an Islamic renaissance, stand on a thin line dividing political and violent struggle.

“Hizbut Tehrir, an international Islamic group with roots from England to Central Asia, is a recent addition to myriad radical organisations striving to enforce “true Islam” in Pakistan. The group was outlawed in Pakistan in November 2003, just three years after it started operations, but its members continue undeterred, distributing party literature and holding small meetings in efforts to expand their base. Pakistan, an ally of the United States in the war on terror, banned several militant Islamic groups, but most re-emerged under new names. Hizbut Tehrir has refused to change its name despite the closure of offices and the arrest of several members.

‘British and US nationals of Pakistani origin comprise the backbone of this secretive group formed in Jerusalem in 1953. It wants to establish a supra-Islamic state on the model of the caliphate that existed in the early days of Islam. The group came to Pakistan through second-generation Pakistanis living in the West, particularly in Britain and the United States. They claim they had supporters in Pakistan for a long time but formal operations took time to establish.

“Many members abandoned what they call the luxuries of the West to come to Pakistan to live among fellow Muslims and work for the country’s transformation into a puritanical Islamic society of their dreams. “In terms of living standards, England is better. You don’t confront problems such as water shortages and power failures there,” said a Hizb member, who works as an executive at a bank.

“But you cannot safeguard the Islamic way of life in Western society. You become alienated,” said the 32-year-old, who migrated from his birthplace, London, to Pakistan two years ago.“We believe a change will come in the Muslim world from places like Pakistan, where an overwhelming number of people are Islamic-minded,” he said in a clipped British accent. Scores of young men like him moved to Pakistan mainly from Britain and the United States to work for the Islamic cause.

“With their trimmed beards and Western clothes, they stand in contrast to the turban and skull cap-wearing traditional followers of local Islamic parties. But their anti-West rhetoric is as radical as that of their more orthodox counterparts.

“Intelligence officials say the shadowy network is taking root among educated Pakistanis and a few of its members are under surveillance. Group members include engineers, chartered accountants, computer experts and doctors. Several of its members, some on the condition of anonymity, said the number of their supporters was increasing.

“We advocate unity amongst Muslims,” said Ismail Sheikh, a frail 34-year-old British national of Pakistani origin who was arrested for distributing pamphlets outside a Karachi mosque in July.

“But an anti-terrorism court acquitted him on lack of evidence last month and he was back to organisational work the same day, saying the arrest only strengthened his resolve. “They questioned me whether I had links to Al-CIAda, or if I had visited Afghanistan,” said Mr Sheikh, a dentist from the University of Wales. He abandoned his medical career in London and moved to Karachi in 1999 to become one of the group’s pioneer members. The government sees Hizbut Tehrir as a threat.

“Its activities were found prejudicial to national interest,” said Abdul Rauf Chaudhry, an Interior Ministry spokesman. “Its members incite people against the government through their writings and leaflets.”

“But Naveed Butt, a spokesman for Hizbut Tehrir, said that to bring about a change one needed political, not militant action. “We are being associated with militancy because we preach an alternative ideology,” said Mr Butt, an engineer from Chicago, where he was first introduced to the group in the mid-1980s.

“The best yardstick for our success is that we were banned within three years of our activities here.”

“Ahmed Rashid, author of a book on the Afghan Taliban, said Hizb was a movement based in Europe.“Young Muslims living in the West get exposure to their culture through religion. I don’t think they have any real popular support. Given the enormous number of Islamic schools and parties, it is difficult for someone like Hizb, which is seen as an import from England, to come in the field and make room for itself,” said Mr Rashid. He said despite its radical ideas, there were no indications Hizb was involved in militancy.

“The membership of Hizbut Tehrir could just be a passing phenomenon for Islamic radicals rather than a permanent one. From here they could move on to militant groups,” Mr Rashid said.

20.The“Sunday Times” of London reported as follows on July 5,2009: “British militants are pushing for the overthrow of the Pakistani state. Followers of the fundamentalist group Hizbut-Tahrir have called for a “bloodless military coup” in Islamabad and the creation of the caliphate in which strict Islamic laws would be rigorously enforced.

“Members of the group, which describes itself as the Liberation party in Britain but is banned in Pakistan, revealed last week that it had targeted the country as a base from which to spread Islamic rule across the world.

“The Sunday Times has obtained the names of a dozen British Hizbut-Tahrir activists based in Lahore and Karachi, or commuting between Britain and Pakistan. There are believed to be many more.

“One of Hizbut-Tahrir’s strategies in Pakistan is to influence military officers.

“Shahzad Sheikh, a Pakistani recruit and the group’s official spokesman in Karachi, talked openly about persuading the army to instigate a “bloodless coup” against the present government who, he said, were “worse than the Taliban”.

“It is the military who hold the power (in Pakistan) and we are asking them to give their allegiance to Hizbut-Tahrir,” he said. “I can’t explain to you in detail how we are trying to influence the military . . . We never disclose our methodology of change. You may say it’s a coup.”

“In 2003 four army officers were arrested in Pakistan on suspicion of being linked to extremist groups, although the groups and men have not been named. A Hizbut-Tahrir insider at the time claims they were recruited by the organisation’s “Pakistan team” while training at Sandhurst.

“And why all of this emphasis on Pakistan?

“The group is believed to have been set up in Pakistan in the early 1990s by Imtiaz Malik, a British-born Pakistani who may still be operating underground as its leader in the country. In 1999 a call was sent to British Hizbut-Tahrir members to move to Pakistan. This prompted the movement of some of the UK’s “top quality” activists to South Asia.

“Pakistan was neglected and ignored until it had a nuclear bomb and then the global leader realised it would be a good strategic base for the caliphate,” said Maajid Nawaz, one of the organisation’s pioneers in Pakistan, who has since renounced the group.”

21.Pakistanis belonging to the HT in the UK held a demonstration outside the Pakistan High Commission in Knightsbridge, London on March 19 2011 to strongly denounce the release of Raymond Davis by Pakistan’s rulers. Hundreds of men and women gathered to condemn what the HT called the treachery of the Zardari-Gilani regime.

22.According to reports carried by the Pakistani media,Rizwan Hussain, from the HT’s Pakistan Committee, said that Pakistan’s rulers had committed the greatest crime that a leadership could ever commit; that of betrayal, treason and collusion with a foreign power. He alleged that there was absolutely no doubt about the guilt of Raymond Davis yet Pakistan’s rulers had fully co-operated and facilitated his handing back to the US. He said that Pakistan’s rulers’ claim that they released Davis under the Shariah law of Diya or ‘blood money’ after the victim’s family pardoned him was worthy of contempt and laughter. Rizwan said Zardari should be asked if the Shariah allowed foreign agents secret entry into Pakistan? Where was the Shariah in allowing America to launch drone attacks and kill Muslims by the hundreds in the tribal areas? And what about the situation of Dr Aafia Siddiqui, does the Shariah allow these rulers to do nothing as America illegally kidnaps and jails an innocent Muslim woman for 86 years he asked?

23.Rizwan described President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yousef Raza Gilani and Punjab Chief Minister Shabaz Sharif as hypocritical liars who have sold everything to serve their masters in America.

24.Atif Salahuddin, also from the HT’s Pakistan Committee, said that Pakistan is the only so called American ‘ally’ in the world that is continuously bombed and attacked by America nearly every single day. This was a master to slave relationship in which Zardari, Gilliani and the Sharif brothers were all responsible for releasing Davis he said. Where was the so called ‘independent judiciary’? Where was Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudary in bringing this murderer Davis to account, he asked? Atif said that the military leadership was also responsible for the release of Davis and had failed in its duty to protect the people. Atif demanded that the Pakistan Army move to remove these treacherous rulers whose only aim in life is to slavishly serve America so that they can continue to sit in office and carry on with their corruption. Pakistan’s rulers had brought nothing but humiliation and American sponsored terror to the people, he alleged.

25.Mohammed Salim, another UK-based Pakistani member of the HT, said that the events in the Middle East had proved that the time of corrupt Muslim rulers was coming to an end and the Muslims were entering a new era. Salim said that the events in Tunisia and Egypt had proved that real authority lay in the hands of the people and if the people of Pakistan wanted change it was within their grasp. Pakistan’s people need to move and come out on 17th April to join HT rallies all over Pakistan in Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi and Peshawar to force the Pakistan army to establish the Khilafat – the only way to end the American attacks and bloodshed. (24-6-11)

حلف بكركي بعبدا الرابية: اللّه أكبر

ليست مجرد حركة «رد فعلية» أن يتجه الثلاثي الماروني، البطريرك الراعي والرئيس سليمان والعماد عون، إلى التلاقي، وبالتالي اللقاء. فلفهم الدوافع يكفي عرض المشهد اللبناني في دوائره الثلاث:

أولاً على المستوى الداخلي، قرر الفريق الحريري، نهائياً على ما يبدو، الدخول في الحرب الخارجية القائمة في المنطقة والعالم، وصمّم على ربط مصيره ومصير قسم من اللبنانيين بنتائجها. فهو فتح معركة دولية على جماعة لبنانية أساسية، بواسطة مطرقة ميليس والصدّيق، وحاول تدعيمها بالتطوع كمفرزة سباقة أو كاسحة ألغام في الحرب الوهّابية على إيران، تماماً كما أعلن عشية لقاء 13 آذار الماضي وخلاله. وبين الاثنين، كان ولا يزال متقدماً بطلب انتسابه رأس حربة في هجوم الفرع السياسي لتحالف «القاعدة ـــــ طالبان» على سوريا، مع ما كل ما تحمله هذه الرهانات من مخاطر.

أما على المستوى الإقليمي، فهناك محاولة لفرض «أممية» أصولية لمصلحة أقلية متشددة، وباسم الأكثرية الدينية المخطوفة. بدليل أن الشعار الوحيد المشترك بين كل اضطرابات المنطقة كلمتان اثنتان: الله أكبر. والأخطر أن نتائج هذه المحاولة بدأت تظهر. ففي القاهرة سقط ملايين المتظاهرين بضربة واحدة، لا بل بورقة واحدة، هي وثيقة الأزهر الأخيرة التي أفتت ـــــ بعد مبارك والثورة و«الميدان» والشهداء والبلطجية والنصر والخيبة ـــــ بأن يكون كل النظام متوافقاً «مع المفهوم الإسلامي الصحيح»، وأن «تكون المبادئ الكلية للشريعة الإسلامية هي المصدر الرئيسي للتشريع». أما في محيطات دمشق، فمجلس قيادة الثورة بات واضح الهيكلية، ويمكن اختصاره برابطة مساجد «الإخوان». أما الباقي من مفكرين وليبراليين ويساريين، فمجرد ديكور معدِّ لنهايات سعيدة، كما نهاية تروتسكي... فيما أردوغان ينتظر اللحظة المناسبة ليكمل إنشاد قصيدته التي لم يتسنّ له إنهاؤها سنة 1997: «المآذن خنادقنا والصوامع خوذاتنا والمساجد ثكناتنا والمؤمنون جنودنا، والجيش الإلهي يحرس بلادنا...الله أكبر الله أكبر».

حتى بيروت بدأت تلفحها رياح «ثورة» الرؤوس المقطوعة: حزب التحرير يستعد لربيع «الخلافة». والقانون المدني الذي يمنع ضرب المرأة أو اغتصابها، مرفوض مرفوض مرفوض.

أما الدائرة الدولية، فيمكن اختصارها بخبر الغبطة لدى أهل واشنطن، إزاء التقدم الحاصل في مفاوضاتهم مع حركة طالبان، ما قد يبشر باستقبال الملّا عمر في حديقة ورود البيت الأبيض قريباً، على أن يدخلها مستقلاً دراجته النارية نفسها التي هرب بواسطتها من القصف الأميركي على كابول سنة 2002. وقد تحاول واشنطن كل ذلك على خلفية وهمها بتأجيل موعد انهيار إسرائيل بضعة أعوام، فيما هي نفسها ترى ذلك حتمياً، لا بفعل حرب خارجية ولا بسلاح إيران النووي، ولا حتى قنبلة الفلسطينيين الديموغرافية...بل بفعل صراعات المجتمع الإسرائيلي المتفجر، منذ صار عوفاديا يوسف وريث «علمانية» بن غوريون، وليبرمان وصيّاً على «إنسانية» هرتزل...

في ظل هذا المشهد، يدرك البطريرك والرئيس والزعيم أن الخطر غير مسبوق، لا على جماعة لبنانية معينة، بل على كل إنسان وكل الوطن. هكذا يبدو أن التلاقي قد بدأ. وهو تلاق غير معزول عن اتجاهات مطابقة في كل أنحاء العالم المناهض لمغامرة واشنطن الأخيرة، ومقامرتها بدزينة من الشعوب والدول والهويات والأمم، كرمى لعيون قلة «مختارة» ومحتارة. فليس تفصيلاً أن يعلن البطريرك الراعي دعمه الكامل لنجيب ميقاتي وحكومته، وهو متجه إلى الفاتيكان. وليس ثانوياً أن يعلن غبطته من روما، بعد جولته على معظم «الكوريا» الرومانية، وفي محاضرة أمام مؤسسة فاتيكانية جامعة، مخاوفه «على المواطنين عموماً والمسيحيين خصوصاً (...) وفقاً لما ستؤول إليه التظاهرات والاعتراضات في العالم العربي، مع ما تنطوي عليه من مخاوف إذا انتهت الأمور إلى أنظمة متشدّدة طائفياً».

كل ذلك يفرض «اللقاء» المرتقب، أو «الحلف الثلاثي» الجديد. ويفرض عليه وعلى أركانه «التفاهم» مع كل القوى اللبنانية الأصيلة والديموقراطية، حتى تمر العاصفة، ويكتشف البعض في واشنطن أنهم لم يقتلوا بن لادن، بل يستنسخونه. سنة 1958 جاءنا مندوب أميركي في مناورة شهيرة لخداع بيروت وأهلها، من أجل بغداد وحلفها. بعد جولته على مسؤولينا، كتب مورفي الأول معادلته الشهيرة عن البطريرك المعوشي والرئيس شمعون وقائد الجيش فؤاد شهاب. قال إنه وجد بطريركاً يتصرف كرئيس، ورئيساً يتصرف كقائد جيش، وقائد جيش يتصرف كبطريرك. بعد 43 عاماً، إذا زارنا مورفي آخر، ووجد بطريركاً ورئيساً وزعيماً كل في دوره وموقعه، فقد لا تسقط بيروت مرة ثانية في مناورة بغدادية، وقد يكتب مورفي الجديد عن حلف بكركي ـــــ بعبدا ـــــ الرابية: الله أكبر

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

If the 1967 borders are dead, it's time to revisit 1947's plan and ALL UNSC resolutions on Israhell...

A Live picture of the Co-Heads of the Infamous White House Murder INC, in 2001...., a Joint Venture with Asef Shawkat, the assassin in Damascus!

If the 1967 borders are dead, it's time to revisit 1947's plan and ALL UNSC resolutions on Israhell...

Tony Karon

The Palestinians' protesters marching on Israel's northern frontier, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned two weeks ago, were "carrying keys to our homes in Jaffa, Acre, Haifa and Ramle", not to "their" homes in Ramallah or Nablus. Actually, Bibi, Palestinians living in Lebanon and Syria don't have homes in Ramallah or Nablus. But what, one wonders, would Mr Netanyahu tell an Israeli child, raised in a system that fudges the more unpleasant aspects of its own history, who asked in all innocence: "But how did Palestinians in Lebanon and Syria get the keys to our homes?"

Mr Netanyahu's rejection of any discussion of the rights of Palestinian refugees might be viewed as the guilty conscience of one who knows that Israel was built on land and property confiscated from the previous owners - and that it was the descendants of those dispossessed families who have lately begun presenting themselves at the Golan boundary fence. After all, there would be no Jewish-majority state of Israel had it not been for the dispossession in 1948 of the Arab majority that lived within what became its borders.

"This is not a conflict about 1967," Mr Netanyahu told his legislature, referring to the occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem that began in that year. "This is a conflict about 1948, about the State of Israel's very existence."

He may be invoking 1948 simply to avoid withdrawing from the territories conquered in 1967, but Mr Netanyahu is not entirely wrong. For the past 23 years, the goal of the Palestinian national movement has been a state based on the 1967 borders, but statehood on less than a quarter of historic Palestine represents a major compromise for a movement founded to reclaim that which was lost in 1948.

Realpolitik prompted the Palestinian leadership to call for a two-state peace based on the 1967 borders - Israel had become an intractable military, political, economic and diplomatic fact, but establishing Palestinian sovereignty over the territories occupied in 1967 remained an attainable goal. While PLO leaders proclaim the rights of refugees, it's long been clear that they've been negotiating a solution that would resettle them in the 1967 territories, not in the 1948 land from which Israel barred their return. Still, it would take a brave PLO leader to arrive at a camp in Lebanon to tell the refugees they won't be going home.

The Palestinian leadership of President Mahmoud Abbas now seeks a partition of Palestine on terms far less favourable than those offered by the UN in 1947. Even then, it's a partition the Israelis are in no hurry to implement.

Partition, of course, was always flawed. It was proposed by the UN as a compromise between the claims of a Zionist movement seeking a Jewish nation-state in all of Palestine - a goal made all the more urgent by the need to find a home for the survivors of the European Holocaust - and the Arabs who comprised two thirds of Palestine's population and owned the bulk of its land. The 1947 version of the two-state solution gave 56 per cent of the territory to a Jewish state, and 44 per cent to an Arab state. Jerusalem, which fell within the Arab state, would be internationally administered. Its camouflage pattern of barely connected parcels of land raised questions about the viability of the two states partition would create, and the Jewish state it envisaged would have had a population of 500,000 Jews and 400,000 Arabs.

Advocates for Israel love to argue that their side accepted the partition, while the Palestinians rejected it. Of the latter, there is little doubt, although it's hard to imagine many nations that had not been defeated in battle (that came later) accepting sovereignty of just 44 per cent of the country where they were the established majority. Nor should Israel's acceptance of the plan be overstated: David Ben Gurion had always adopted the strategy that Israel accept whatever was offered by the international community, but modify it on the ground by other means. But the partition was vociferously opposed by the Irgun and allied right-wing movements that later formed the Likud Party - today's Israeli leaders are the heirs of those who rejected the partition....

Ben Gurion prevailed, but once the war broke out, it became clear that Israel's military strategy was designed to change both the boundaries and the demographics of partition. When the shooting stopped, Israel controlled 78 per cent of British Mandate Palestine, from which it had ejected more than 700,000 Palestinian Arabs.

The founding purpose of the Palestinian national movement was to reverse the outcome of the war of 1948, although the occupation of the remaining 22 per cent that began in 1967 added a new dimension. Israel soundly defeated the armed struggle, pushing the PLO all the way to Tunisia by the mid 1980s. But the organisation was saved by the first Intifada, the uprising of the youth of Gaza and the West Bank against the occupation. The shift of the locus of resistance to the territories also enabled Yasser Arafat to redefine the Palestinian national goal as the more achievable one of statehood in the 1967 territories, and set the scene for the Oslo process.

Mr Netanyahu, faithful to his ideological roots, was a fierce opponent of Oslo. And he continues to resist completing the peace process on terms acceptable to the international consensus. Israelis who take a longer view than Mr Netanyahu does, however, see UN recognition as demanded by the Palestinian leadership as a great opportunity for Israel to settle matters while they're ahead, fixing a 78-22 per cent partition as the basis on the which the international community will wash its hands of the conflict.

The grand bargain of the two-state peace process, after all, was always that the Israelis would concede 1967 and the Palestinians would concede 1948. If the process succeeds, it would be left to the Palestinian leadership to explain to the refugees that they would not be going home. But if the Oslo grand bargain is dead, it's little surprise that Mr Netanyahu is suddenly feeling haunted by the ghosts of 1948...., Deir Yasin, Metulla, Shebaa, Sabra & Shatila and all other assassinations by the infamous MOSSAD over decades....

Central planning never works, Creativity is the answer

Ulrich Mohrhoff

Centralization and top-down control do not work?

According to German physicist Ulrich Mohrhoff:

There is 'an intelligence' that is far superior to human intelligence.

When a 'human being' creates a car, he first makes a design.

Then he manufactures the car using the materials available.

And he works according to the existing laws of science.

The 'superior intelligence' doesn’t work that way.

It doesn't first design and then make.

(Interview with German physicist Ulrich Mohrhoff about materialism, consciousness and quantum physics)

People believe that there is GOD, an 'old man in the sky' who designed the world on his drawing board.

Some people believe that 'God' had to have an element on 'randomness' to make life 'real'.

In The Financial Times, 4 June 2011, in a review of 'Adapt: Why Success Always Starts With Failure' by Tim Harford, Harvard professor Edward Glaser writes ( / Adapt):

"Humanity has done and will do great things... because our randomness generates plenty of gold amid the dross..."

Harford favors decentralized authority, not top-down command and control.

"Perhaps ...many corporations today have the right level of centralization for an era dominated by logistics and scale, but too much for an era dominated by innovation and creativity...

"Decentralized entities prosper by allowing for experimentation."

Think how inefficient the US military has been.

Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo (1870-1950) was an Indian philosopher.

According to Sri Aurobindo (Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine.):

'The Divine' brought 'division' to creation to enable the greatest multiplicity of forms and possibilities of existence.

For example, night and day are divided from one another, but allow for greater possibilities.

The ultimate purpose of life is to discover the delight of existence.

We reach that delight when we discover our higher nature.

Luke Johnson

In the Financial Times, 5 April 2011, Luke Johnson tells us why big centralized institutions are not a good idea (The biggest groups are ill with inefficiency

Luke Johnson refers to:

"An obsession with governance: increasingly, institutions favor compliance over competence, and box-ticking over practical solutions...

"Institutional capture: the phenomenon whereby management end up running an enterprise for their own benefit...

"Lack of proprietorship: when employees have no effective capital stake in an organization, they tend to be less cost-conscious, and take a more cavalier attitude to waste, personal expenses and the like...

"Anonymous mediocrities: there is nowhere to hide in a small company – if you can’t deliver, you’re out. But in a large outfit, also-rants can get away with poor work for years...

The greatest multiplicity of forms and possibilities of existence.

More from Subversive Thinking : Interview with German physicist Ulrich Mohrhoff about materialism, consciousness and quantum physics

According to Sri Aurobindo, the passive impersonal Brahman (God) has its other side, the active and personal Brahman.

All life... is attempting to realize her perfection in an ever increasing expression of her potentialities.

There can be an "effort towards self-perfection by the expression of the secret potentialities latent in the being."

There can be "a union of the human individual with the universal and transcendent (outside the world) Existence we see partially expressed in man and in the Cosmos."

Central Europe.

The 'divine power' has three main features.

In the first place, it does not act according to a fixed system ... but as determined by the temperament of the individual in whom it operates. Everyone has his or her own method.

Secondly, the process accepts our nature such as it stands organized by our past evolution and without rejecting anything essential compels all to undergo a divine change....

Thirdly, the divine power in us uses all life ... All life, all thought,… all experiences passive or active, become thenceforward so many shocks which disintegrate the outer coverings of the soul and remove the obstacles to the inevitable flowering.


According to Mohrhoff:

Some materialist scientists argue that a non physical consciousness is impossible.

They argue that psychokinesis (eg. moving objects with your mind) is physically impossible because it violates the law of energy conservation.

For example, in psychokinesis, physical energy would be actually created by a non-physical consciousness in order to affect a purely physical world, and the principle of energy conservation precludes such creation of energy.


According to Mohrhoff:

Energy is only conserved within a closed physical system.

To assume the universal validity of the law of energy conservation is to assume that the physical universe is 'causally closed'.

The physical universe may not be 'causally closed'.


According to Mohrhoff:

Neuropsychologists, phenomenologists, mystics, and yogis reject the 'folk psychology' of free will.

The mystic or yogi discovers behind our ordinary consciousness a subliminal consciousness, whose initial attitude is that of a detached witness.

It experiences thoughts, feelings, intentions, actions impersonally and undistorted by any sense of ownership, authorship, or responsibility.

Those who go further become increasingly aware of the true origins and determinants of their thoughts, feelings, intentions, and actions.

And once they are sufficiently aware of these subliminal controlling influences, they are in a position to accept or reject them, to choose, and for the first time to exercise a genuine free will.


According to Mohrhoff:

There is good scientific evidence for psi phenomena and survival of consciousness.

There is impressive evidence.

I believe in an intelligence that is far superior to human intelligence. The latter first designs and then executes its designs, utilizing pre-existent materials and pre-existent laws.

The former doesn’t work that way; it doesn’t first design and then execute, and the only material it uses is the substance (Reality) in which it inheres.

It works more like a spontaneously self-realizing vision of what is to be...

Man moves towards the infinity of the Truth by the experience of its variety; so his reason helps him to build, change, destroy what he has built and prepare a new construction, in a word, to progress, grow, enlarge himself in his self-knowledge and world-knowledge and their works....
That firms are more productive and creative when decentralized is not really a surprise and IT IS NOT due to a employees having ownership stakes in smaller firms.

In 1922 when Austrian economist Ludwig Von Mises was studying the rise of socialism/communism he was unable to see how a socialist society could exist due to a lack of decentralized coordination mechanism (aka market prices, see his book 'Socialism').

In 1945 his student Friedrich Hayek writing in an article 'The Use of Knowledge in Society' expanded Mises' rap for decentralization to the level of a firm writing " is with respect to this that practically every individual has some advantage over all others because he possesses unique information of which beneficial use might be made"

Around the same time Mises published the book 'Bureaucracy' in which he used similar but much more in depth arguments about economic calculation to critique central planning in the firm.

His conclusion was that a firm will only become large when there exists high barriers to others entry (sometimes reputation but usually government licensing or regulations).

Most of the large firms we see as inefficient today are large due to government protectionism (Wall Street, Boeing, Northrop, Raytheon), licensing/zoning requirements (Wall Street, oil companies, big auto, big utilities, Wal-Mart), regulation that hampers smaller competitors (Wall Street, big auto) or due to IP (Microsoft and the music industry being two of the best known patent trolls and thus two bad share price performers). Clearly DOD is one example too.

I just think it is a little inaccurate (perhaps intentially) for that man to turn a realization about decentralization into a call for more employee owned firms....
Many times we find with Germany, the west in general, some of the more gifted scientists and physicists reach a point where science has no answers.

You will notice the conclusions Mohrhoff reaches could not possibly come from a text book but are direct results of introspection and self analysis.

Germans are heavily programmed toward the material. Much of their news is about the "economy." Their religions are patriarchal, just sing Handel's Messiah and everything will be alright.

He is of course correct, things began with a top heavy spiral when the druids and Celtic nature culture, the herdsman and fishers, were destroyed by Rome. The natural balance of nature was overthrown and the march toward centralization began. We can see the results of it now, repression war and genocide. It began the destruction of the most efficient unit, those who honored nature and knew what God actually consisted of.

There have been those who broke the mold but even then were experiencing the hunted existence of the truth teller.

Matter as such does not exist, there is only the life giving, invisible, eternal spirit as primordial ground of matter, which I do not fight shy, to call God.” Max Planck Nobel Laureate in Physics

“Who lives by the mind alone has not understood life.” Professor Gerd Uhlenbruck Immune Biologist.

The brothers who let themselves by guided by scientific curiosity alone, will stand empty-handed at the day of judgment. I preferred they filled themselves with vital energy. Then God were with them in the hour of need. For in the hour of need and hardship, books are no good for nothing and will remain on the shelf. Vital energy, however, will turn hardship to the better.”

St. Francis of Assisi .....

In fact the real words of Jesus which have been buried by the "solvers of riddles" directly refute the march toward the corporate state.
The late Michael Polanyi, a Hungarian refugee and professor of Chemistry at Manchester University wrote an essay "The Logic of Liberty" which gives a compelling explanation of why central planning produces bad results.

Polanyi's son, John, won a Nobel Prize for Chemistry. Mike Smith, a graduate of University of Manchester also won a Nobel Chemistry prize. I haven't been able to figure out whether Smith was taught by Polanyi, senior, but it seems likely.

Michael I believe is correct in pointing out that the success of large corporations is often due to their ability to monopolize markets and to dictate government legislation that promotes their success against competitors.

As we approach the time when there will be global monopolies in virtually everything, we need to explore political means to restore competition to markets. This may mean pulling out of international agreements such as the WTO, something that will likely get a government branded as a rogue regime -- so this will be difficult to do without incurring NATO bombings Galore.....
Despite this assault, WE ARE WAKING UP which proves that there is something to the superior intelligence of our minds--this awareness outside of our egos that holds our true power.....